Poll Numbers & Signals

Gold 2 Dollar Box with Trading Entry Points for May 21 2021

What You wanted

I asked this question before you trade what do you want to know,
Your answer in an 8 DC Poll was as follows

1.Signals that tell you to Buy and Sell 44%
2.Support and Resistance Levels 33%
3.Free Education 10%
4.Charts that provide Signals 6.5%
5.Flip the coin 6.5%

For points 2, 3, and 4 we at http://www.eightdragonscapital.com already do these things. So I provide a service for 49.5% of retail traders.
For the coin flippers 6.5%, I admire your courage and cavalier outlook on life.

For point number 1. the 44% who want signals that you can act on, here is something you should know.

May 21, 2021 we had 140 Trading Signals.

Yesterday I counted the total number of trade signals across our 46 Charts that we provide.
It produced a huge 140 individual raw trade signals in 24 hours.
I calculated 62% Winning Trades,

20% Losing Trades, 18% still to be determined win or lose.

My Forex Charts produced 109 signals across 44 charts, so about 2.5 signals each, the most signals come from GBPNZD 10 pip chart which gave 9 signals.

However, the star charts were Gold 1 dollar, and Gold 2 Dollar box charts in 24 hours they produced for you, 31 signals with 25 winners and just 6 losers. XAU/USD provided 78% winning signals, while XAUUSD 2 gave 87%.

If you trade Gold you must have these signals. Our signals are there every day for you.
You just need to look.

At just USD 200 for 3 months you get Thousands of signals every Month.
The cost works out at 3.33 USD each trading day, for a platform that supplied 140 real signals yesterday, plus Support & Resistance daily updates, and Educational Videos.

What are you waiting for? Sign Up Now and Start Making Money.

Subscribe here https://8dragonstrade.com/live-charts/

Contact Us at Support@8dragonstrade.com if you need more information.

Published by Neil Callard

Forex Trader and Educator. 30 years trading experience, of which 20 years was market making in major currencies in large international financial institutions.

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